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Our Strategy

Restoring Production

We are acquiring, retooling, restarting, and recompleting proven wells to build a portfolio of wellbores that produce consistent and predictable revenue.


From this…

• Abandoned, rusted out, weathered
• Mechanically unworkable wellbore
• Non-functional equipment
• Overgrown plot, dilapidated facility

To this…

• Fully-functional wellbore
• Refurbished surface equipment
• Upgrades for environmental sensitivity
• Fully-maintained grounds and facilities

Boosting Productivity

We significantly increase the value of reserves through forced pooling and recompletion programs


Field Development

Field development drives economic benefit for both landowners and the surrounding communities.

Our commitment: To do right by the land and mineral owners by always making fair offers for the rights to produce on their properties.

Recompletion Programs

Our recompletion programs activate new zones and increasing production at low cost by extending lateral drilling.

We lower lifting costs through operational efficiencies and initiatives such as creating water wells.

Delivering on Our Promises

We understand that trust is earned. We are committed to making good on our promises to restore, revitalize, and create new value and stability.



Logan 1 Project:

Drilling prospects in the Cherokee Uplift Platform

As a business, we manage for
the bottom line…



  • We operate an ultra-lean business model.
  • All-in company overheads are conservatively maintained at approximately $72.5K per month.
  • Acquired wellbores require limited capex to bring into production.


  • Restarting wells with proven reserves avoids engaging in costly and risky exploration.
  • No exploratory drilling will be performed for a period of 24+ months, de-risking production.
  • Application of new technology on old well bores increases productivity.



Example: LOGAN 1

  • 34 wellbores acquired for $600K.
  • All-in-cost to produce a barrel of oil for
    sale: $15.82.
  • Current price per barrel: $82.50.
  • Initiatives such as developing water disposal wells will increase margin.
  • Projected IRR: $500%+ per barrel.

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